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Created 7-Jun-13
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Kevin O'Leary: 40 Years of Photography Booklet, $19.95 plus shipping
A special edition package of high quality printed individual image plates book of Kevin O'Leary's photography. All profits will be donated to support teenage entrepreneurs. To order contact Laura Davidson at [email protected], call 1-647-802-9797 or visit
Self Portrait 1975 solo-RW-v2Greenland River 007_IMG_1140Air Show WatchingAir Show 1Penny Island PC250055KOTarget Practice IMG_9421Man At Nikki Beach 93200010Woman on Chains-RW-4Big Foot 2007Pelican IMG_3829SK-RWCape Town IMG_4782-RWRocket Launch IMG_9754-SK-RWArctic Waste, 2007 IMG_9950-RWOriginal Zenit E, 1970-RWIMG_5409-RW Zeppelin HangerHelicopter Kite IMG_0028-RWKiev-RWJim MorrisonLani Abandoned Pineapple Farm, 2000Lanai Forest_Xpan 14-RW

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